Giving voice to the mixed experience

In 2019, mixed feelings about mixed experiences led to reflection. This reflection led to action: seeking out stories that mirrored said mixed feelings.
The results in this (endless) search was less than inspiring.

This led to a simple, yet significant thought: why are there not more stories about mixed experiences? From mixed race to blended religion to a hybrid
of traditions merged in the creation of a new reality and everything in between, there are still stories that need amplification, that need a platform.

The blending between race, ethnicity, culture, religion, socioeconomics, and gender identity becomes more blurred by the day. These mixed stories
come from various corners of the world, from people who have unique experiences that are worth sharing. These stories may help those who live
mixed experiences better understand themselves; they may also help others own their truths, develop empathy, see similar experiences reflected back
at them, and maybe even feel less alone.

Talking Louis was founded to create this platform, to amplify the voices of those who have gone through, who are going through, and who may
go through mixed experiences.

Sometimes the world feels black and white, but in reality, it’s a kaleidoscope of every color you can imagine. It’s not so clear-cut; it’s a prism.

In this colorful reality, we give voice to the mixed experience.
We’re here to create a community, share stories about mixed experiences, and support people in their journeys.

Join us:

Our mission

Talking Louis’s mission is to empower people through self-identification. Hearing others’ stories and experiences helps us better learn about
ourselves and develop empathy for those we may not at first understand.

The world is becoming more and more blended. When it comes to what’s portrayed in the media, we believe in the importance of seeing
yourself to understand yourself. We give voice to the mixed experience, which can come in a variety of forms: race, ethnicity, culture, religion,
socioeconomics, and gender identity.

We are dedicated to publishing and promoting inclusive stories that give children and adults a deeper look into the diversity
of our world, as well as a reflection of their places in it.

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