Why the name, topic, and books?

Who is Louis and why is he talking?

Louis is our adopted cat. He’s a chatty cat by day (and night), and he’s known for his relentless meowing and persistence. In fact, in order to be heard, he’ll stand in parts of the house where he knows he’ll get the most echo.

Though speaking up comes naturally to Louis, this isn’t always the case for those whose voices are often drowned out by others. Having felt this way in many different circumstances of life, we felt inspired by Louis and his squeaky-wheel-gets-the-grease mentality.

When we thought about our publishing company’s name and mission on speaking out about the mixed experience and giving voice to those who aren’t often listened to or heard, naturally we thought of Louis. After all, he was right there meowing in our faces.

Why the topic?

Mixed experiences are being lived every day around the globe. They may not always be obvious, and the struggle and celebration of these mixed experiences come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. You, someone you know, or someone you may never meet may be mixed race, celebrate many cultures, navigate blended religions, or have a mixed gender identity, one thing is for certain: everyone has a different story, even if there are overlaps and hints of recognition. And here’s another certainty: everyone’s story matters.


"Mixed experiences are being lived every day around the globe. "

On a personal level as the founders of this small press, we go through mixed experiences every day. From being mixed race and having mixed religions, we were going through something we knew many others were also going through, but we felt isolated in our realities. Our feelings were, well, mixed. They still are.

Our reflections on this matter led to us seeking out stories that mirrored said mixed feelings. The results in this (endless) search was less than inspiring.

This led to a simple, yet significant thought: why are there not more stories about mixed experiences? From mixed race to blended religion to a hybrid of traditions merged in the creation of a new reality and everything in between, there are still stories that need amplification, that need a platform.

The blending between race, ethnicity, culture, religion, socioeconomics, and gender identity becomes more blurred by the day. These mixed stories come from various corners of the world, from people who have unique experiences that are worth sharing. These stories may help those who live mixed experiences better understand themselves; they may also help others own their truths, develop empathy, see similar experiences reflected back at them, and maybe even feel less alone.


"We are determined to tell stories that you don’t often hear about every day."

Talking Louis was founded to create this platform, to amplify the voices of those who have gone through, who are going through, and who may go through mixed experiences.

Sometimes the world feels black and white, but in reality, it’s a kaleidoscope of every color you can imagine. It’s not so clear-cut; it’s a prism.

In this colorful reality, we give voice to the mixed experience. We’re here to create a community, share stories about mixed experiences, and support people in their journeys.

We are determined to tell stories that you don’t often hear about every day. Real life mixed experiences from living and existing in this mixed up world. These are stories that matter.

Why books?

Because is there anything better?! Books connect us. They provide an outlet to share ideas, to learn about and empathize with others, and to see ourselves reflected back.

Books are portable, they contain words that authors have poured their souls into, illustrations and pictures that artists have dreamt up and made a reality. They lead to active imaginations, they educate, they inspire, they create worlds. Books, their words, and the stories those words create is a magic in and of itself.

We create books because they’re everlasting, they endure, they can be passed along to a friend or passed down to the next generation, and they can be cherished and held onto for lifetimes.

Join us as we work to bring mixed stories to the world – we’re glad you’re here.

January 24, 2020 — Team Talking Louis

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