The Mixed Bag // Issue #06

Happy 2020! Another year, another decade. We have lots of exciting announcements and releases this year. To start off the year on a high note, we’re excited to announce that we’re officially open for submissions! Read more about the guidelines here.

In this issue of The Mixed Bag, we’re focusing on the new year. We’re looking toward the future to see what 2020 and beyond might hold. A lot happened in the past decade – how can we take those learnings and apply them to an even better future? Our recommended reading and watching below are a starting point to those conversations.


Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Year is “they,” used to refer to a person whose gender identity is nonbinary or to a person whose gender is unknown or is not revealed intentionally.


An interesting look into how migration, contact between groups, and biological adaptation have affected the past and present, and how it will affect the future.


As the number of dual-career couples rises, accomplishing equal responsibilities and opportunities - housework, childcare, career, relationship - can often become a challenge. These experiences look different for everyone in how they choose to split what needs to get done.


What does the future hold for the iconic doll? A controversial look at Mattel's effort to create a variety of figures for Barbie.


The 2013 About Time, a romantic comedy-drama about a young man with the ability to time travel. After learning some time travel lessons the hard way and experiencing different versions of his life, his father imparts the following wisdom upon him: “Life’s a mixed bag.” We couldn’t agree more.

About Time quote

Mixed Feelings

What lessons from the past decade are you taking with you into this new decade?

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