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Your Mixed Bag

The holidays can be a stressful time for varying reasons. A common stress for many, and especially those from interfaith families, is what holiday(s) to celebrate. This decision can often be confusing and complicated, but sometimes they’re not. Every person, couple, and family differ in how and when they choose to honor their religions, cultures, and traditions.

Whether you’re trying to figure out how to approach the holidays as an interfaith family or are just curious about what this season may entail, we hope the below articles provide some insight into this complex and beautiful merging of lives.


To celebrate or not to celebrate as an interfaith family? That is the question of the holidays. With children, the complication arises over how the parents’ respective holidays will be celebrated. Parents don’t want to confuse children, nor do they want the holidays to become a competition.


Do mothers have more influence on their children's religious upbringing than fathers? A 2016 report suggests that this is true, with survey results varying between mixed religious households and in homes where one parent is religious and the other isn't.


A writer, who identifies as Jewish, shares her perspective on why she’s choosing to celebrate Christmas this year with her partner.


In previous generations of interfaith families, it used to be that there was no middle ground. Children were raised one way or another. Over time, that belief has changed, and families are mixing and mingling religions, teaching their children traditions from both.


Last year, Schitt’s Creek released a holiday episode centered on Johnny Rose making plans that the rest of the Rose family wants nothing to do with: a Christmas Eve party reminiscent of the time when they were living large. To watch it, look for Season 4, Episode 13: "Merry Christmas, Johnny Rose".




Mixed Feelings

What holiday traditions do you blend?


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