The Mixed Bag // Issue #01

Your mixed bag


Art is political and reflects the world we live inand "if the work tells the truth, it will live on." From The Sound of Music to Cabaret to In the Heights, art in all forms is a mirror and window into the current times, as well as past eras. Continue making art, continue telling your truth.


Mattel launched a gender-neutral doll in an effort to redefine traditional dolls and to create a more inclusive world of play. Kids are given the freedom to create the doll that they want; each doll comes with wigs in the style of long and short hair and a wardrobe consisting of hoodies, skirts, boots, camo pants, and tutus, to name a few.


The influence of Oprah is undeniable. Now, with the third iteration of her book club, she's once again using her platform to start conversations around relevant and important topics, such as "race and once-forbidden issues." 


What do we call people with multiple backgrounds? History shows it's not that simple. From terms such as biracial to mixed to multiracial, and so on, there are a myriad of ways for people to identify. While some have strong opinions on the terminology, others believe that it's a personal preference and that everyone's experience is different.


What does religion look like in the future? Over time, religions fade away, are born, are streamlined, transformed, or sustained. Oftentimes, religion and faith bring communities together and allow people to co-exist. But with growing individualism, multiculturalism, bigger societies, and the Internet, people have more options than ever (with the option to forego religion altogether).

Mixed Feelings

What stories made you think differently about yourself or life?

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